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Guerrilla Retailing: Unconventional Ways to Make Big Profits from Your Retail Business

# ISBN-10: 1886481075
# ISBN-13: 978-1886481077

After working with thousands of retailers, the authors of Guerrilla Retailing have watched the winners and catalogued their best practices and organized them for you.

You'll learn what to consider when choosing a name and identity for your business, and how to attract your best potential customers. You'll discover how to pick the right location, hire the right people and display the right merchandise. You'll learn how to retaliate against predatory pricing, while getting maximum impact for your advertising. You'll learn about low-cost, high payoff promotions that have been tested by award-winning stores in dozens of industries. You'll learn how to build traffic, maintain margins, motivate your staff, develop repeat customers and use analytical tools to diagnose and cure common business ailments.

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$ 24.95 (U.S.)

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