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Presentations -

Valas Consulting Group offers a variety of presentation formats and styles. Each may be tailored to your industry and product.

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By The Numbers

Leadership: Leaders and Those They Lead

Lessons From the Links: Managing Business Like the Pros

Why Should Someone Do Business With You?

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Leadership for Business Executives

Good to Great: Creating a High Performance Sales Team

Guerrilla Selling: Creating Customers for Life

Guerrilla Retailing: Unconventional Ways to Make Big Profits From Your Retail Business

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Client Comments

"Thank you once again for your involvement in Bernina of America's New Deals Business Management and Sales Training.

You are and excellent speaker because your care, warmth and intelligence shine through your words.

Your presentations are always well developed, customized to fit our particular audience, delivered with humor and energy and applicable to our dealers' everyday business environment.

As you know, we have has many national speakers and we always consider you one of the best. Dealer evaluations concur with that conclusion."

Gayle Hillert
Vice President Marketing Support Services
Bernina of America

"What can I say? You did it for us again, and in two languages no less! As always, you conveyed some very valuable information to our shareholders, and in a very inspirational and thought-provoking manner. You're still the greatest and getting even better."

Otto Pasadero
Mega Group, Inc.
Saskatoon, SK Canada

Meet Elly Valas -

Elly will show you how to pick the right location, hire the right people, and attract the right customers. You'll learn how to build traffic, maintain margins, motivate salespeople and develop loyal. repeat customers.

Guerrilla Retailing

Picture of Guerilla Retailing book

Elly Valas is a co-author of Guerrilla Retailing, part of the legendary Guerrilla Marketing series, with more than 14 million books in print. She shows retailers large and small how to beat the big box stores by using unconventional marketing and sales tactics that are simple, inexpensive, and devastatingly effective.

"As a business insider, Elly Valas understands the day-to-day headaches of analyzing the market place and catering to its demands, running a business and meeting the payroll - she's done it"

North American Retail Dealers Association